I was elected to Kingborough Council in November 2014. 

I am committed to making Kingborough the best it can be. A place where people are welcome to invest their time, capital and ideas.

I want to be a leader who proactively seeks the views of residents, not just fields complaints.

Kingborough is a great place to grow up, work, raise a family and retire. It’s important to keep the parts of Kingborough we love, but also make the most of opportunities that will help make Kingborough an even better place to live.

I am a Councillor who strives to:

  • Listen to the views of Kingborough residents
  • Be financially responsible
  • Keep rates as low as possible
  • Advocate for more private and public investment in Kingborough

If you have an ideas, queries or concerns please contact me through the details below.

Alternatively, you can visit the Kingborough Council website.