Candidate for Kingborough Council, Dean Winter, says the exchange servicing Howden is full and unlikely to be upgraded.  There also appears to be inadequate copper to deliver fixed line internet services to the number of households in the area.

“Howden and east Tinderbox residents have raised concerns about very poor or limited fixed-line internet services in the area,” Mr Winter said.

“Major internet providers are no longer offering new fixed-line internet services for Howden and Tinderbox households. 

“Because of the pending NBN rollout, Internet Service Providers are not prepared to invest in upgrading the existing ADSL exchange and therefore no ports are available for new customers.  That means the situation will persist until the NBN becomes available."

Mr Winter said Howden and east Tinderbox have been left off the NBN map, while western Tinderbox already has access to wireless NBN.

“Howden and Tinderbox residents have told me they have been unable to receive an ADSL connection or use 3G and wireless technology."

Mr Winter is asking residents in the area facing the problem to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view he can raise the issue on their behalf.


Howden NBN